Past Partners

BC Lottery Corporation
Being part of the Sauder Summit was an amazing experience for the Casino Marketing team at BCLC. We were able to gain unique global perspectives on a key business opportunity that we would have never been able to achieve with just an internal lens on the business. The teams were proactive in thinking outside the box, while still working within the boundaries we provided and the Casino Marketing team was able to walk away with some tangible ideas and concepts.

Musqueam Capital Corporation
MCC was absolutely delighted with the Summit. From the professionalism of the case write up to the dynamic case presentations, we were truly impressed with the quality and engagement of everyone from the Organizing Committee, supporting faculty and the top notch teams from around the globe.

This year we had the honour of collaborating with UBC’s Sauder Summit team to create a case based on our company’s operations. The competitors brought a fresh take and innovative ideas to help grow our business further. This was a great marketing opportunity for our brand and increased our exposure to the world. We were treated with a great amount of courtesy and respect throughout our time at Sauder Summit.

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