Sabrina Lee

Co-Chair |

Sabrina is a fourth year student specializing in accounting. This is her third year with Sauder Summit and she is very excited for the amazing year ahead leading the Organizing Committee. In her free time, Sabrina enjoys playing soccer and exploring BC’s beautiful hiking trails.


Tina Tsai

Co-Chair |

 Tina is in her final year at the Sauder School of Business. This is her third year in Sauder Summit, which is one of the most rewarding academic experiences alongside an amazing team. She has a passion for bringing people together and collaborating to achieve a common goal. In her spare time, she likes to try new food around Vancouver, write and create art.

Michelle Ng

VP Competition |

Michelle is a second-year Sauder student who joined Sauder Summit in her first year, and has loved it ever since. As the First Year Representative last year, she discovered her passion for meeting people from countries around the world and organizing the logistical details of the competition. Most of all, she enjoyed getting to work with the welcoming and fun-loving people on the team. She plans to specialize in Accounting in the future. In her spare time, Michelle loves playing tennis, travelling to different places, hiking, and watching superhero movies!


Colleen Grehan

VP Marketing |

Colleen is a 3rd year Marketing student and this year’s VP Marketing. As her 3rd year with Sauder Summit, she is excited to help make the event better than ever, especially with the amazing organizing committee! Outside of school she loves to dog-watch around campus, ski whenever she gets the chance, and hang out with friends!


Sincere Cheong

VP International Relations |

Sincere is a fourth year student studying a Combined Major in Business and Computer Science. She is currently on exchange at the National University of Singapore but is looking forward to her semester back in January to experience her third year with Sauder Summit. She is excited to be this year’s VP IR and hopes to make this year’s delegate experience the best yet!


Winston Chen

VP External Relations |

 Winston is a fifth-year accounting student at the Sauder School of Business. Having been involved with Sauder Summit for two years, he loves the people, challenges, and ideas that the competition brings together. Now, going through his last year of both Sauder Summit and undergrad, he is determined to do his part in making the competition bigger than ever before.


Shivam Narain

VP Cases |

Shivam is a third year finance student at Sauder. Having experienced a variety of case-related settings ranging from numerous case competitions to being on JDC West’s Summer Development Program, he understands the challenges that a large-scale case competition poses. Shivam is excited to oversee the Cases portfolio for this year’s Sauder Summit and looks forward to hearing the myriad of proposed solutions to the cases that will undoubtedly result from such a diverse pool of competitors.


Rebecca Lau

VP Events|

Rebecca is a third year student specializing in Accounting at the Sauder School of Business. This will be her third year with Sauder Summit, and she is looking forward to create more memories with the organizing committee as well as students from all the competing teams! Outside of school, she enjoys baking & cooking for her eating pleasure as well as running to shed those university gains.