Sauder Summit Presents: Conquer the Case Workshop

Interested in getting to see how case competitions work? Looking for a head-start in the professional world of case studies and the consulting industry? Sauder Summit’s Annual Conquer the Case Workshop is for YOU!

This is a case workshop will introduce you to case competition strategies, analysis frameworks, and presentation tips! We will be hosting 3 workshops, covering key concepts such as Issue Identification, Implementation, and Deck Building!  Most importantly, LUNCH will be provided!

Sauder Summit’s Conquer the Case Workshop is an amazing opportunity to not only expand your experiences in case analysis and presentation, but to meet and network with JDC West alumni and industry professionals! Analyze a professional business case and meet NEW FRIENDS in breakout group sessions! There will also be an OPEN NETWORKING SESSION with panelists and alumni at the end of the event!

Have any questions? Email us at!