The Sauder Summit Global Case Competition is a week-long case competition taking place March 3 – 9, 2018. It pits students against one another to solve real and complex business situations, and presents a challenge – a peak for participants to reach. The competition consists of two 5-hour cases, one 24-hour case, several industry presentations from executive business leaders, and a lifelong network of international connections. Twelve of the world’s most prestigious business schools will be invited to send one team of four students to represent them. The reach of this global competition spans across five continents and multiple nations, including China, U.S.A., Australia, Denmark, Japan, Singapore, and more.


The Sauder Summit Global Case Competition aims to:

  1.  Challenge tomorrow’s business leaders with today’s most complex business problems
  2. Create a high caliber environment that promotes growth on both a personal and professional level
  3. Construct networks that reach across the globe