Brandon Nelson

Co-Chair |

Brandon is a fourth-year student at the Sauder School of Business and incoming intern at KPMG. He has ample case competition experience and is excited to be leading the 2017 Organizing Committee after a great year as a Competition Director. He enjoys travelling to interesting destinations and spending time exploring Vancouver and its beautiful outdoors.

Jane Peng

Co-Chair |

Jane is a fourth-year student specializing in Real Estate and Accounting. Upon graduation, she is looking to either go into the commercial real estate industry or pursue a CPA designation with an accounting firm in Vancouver. For the past four years at Sauder, she has seen the competition grow and become exceedingly successful. She can’t wait to see what Sauder Summit will bring to local and international students in 2017.

Belis Turegun

Co-VP Competition |

Belis is a third year Sauder student majoring in Marketing with a Sustainability concentration. She has been involved with Sauder Summit for the past two years beginning in Event Manager and growing to VP-Competition. She is passionate about HR and she strives to make an impact in the community from spreading her cheerful personality around Sauder to working as an Orientation Leader at UBC Jumpstart. On her days off, Belis listens to endless Youtube playlists of eclectic music and trying out every coffee house in Vancouver.

Sabrina Lee

Co-VP Competition |

Sabrina Lee is a third year student specializing in Accounting at the Sauder School of Business. In her free time, she enjoys playing soccer and exploring Vancouver’s beautiful hiking trails. After a successful first year as part of Sauder Summit’s OC team, she is excited for another great year as Co-VP Competition. She can’t wait to meet all the international competitors in March!

Tina Tsai

VP Marketing |

Tina is in her fourth year at the Sauder School of Business with intended specializations in Accounting and BTM. She had an amazing experience as the Events Director last year and is now excited to be VP Marketing for Sauder Summit 2017. She has a passion for writing, philanthropy, and creating art.

Cindy Fu

Marketing Director |

Cindy is a fourth-year student specializing in Accounting. Her passion for poetry writing has sparked up her creative edge and excitement to be the Marketing Director. She is thrilled to be apart of this year’s team and to create value and drive growth in Sauder Summit’s social media presence. Aside from school, she is passionate about writing and writes poetry inspired by societal issues and moments. She also enjoys trying out new restaurants, relaxing with a cup of London-fog tea latte, and watching classic movies.

Sincere Cheong

Marketing Director |

Sincere is a third year Business and Computer Science co-op student. This is her second year with Sauder Summit and she is extremely excited to join the Marketing team this year, having made lasting connections and memorable experiences in her position last year as an International Ambassador. She is a self-proclaimed coffee connoisseur and will claim expertise in Vancouver restaurant gems, anything Elon Musk-related, and all types of chocolates. 

Shanni Peng

VP International Relations |

Shanni is a fourth-year Marketing Co-op student, pursuing a double major in Business Technology Management at UBC. This is her third year in a row with Sauder Summit as she was the VP Events on the committee last year. Working in the banking industry has taught her a lot about communication and attention to detail, which she believes greatly contributed to her success. Shanni is extremely excited to show this year’s competitors around Vancouver, the beautiful city she calls home.

Anthony Lam

VP External Relations |

Anthony is a fifth-year student at the Sauder School of Business and aspiring Financial Planning & Analysis professional. Having served on the Commerce Undergraduate Society’s Corporate Relations Portfolio for the past three years, he is excited to be working in an external relations capacity for the 2017 Sauder Summit Organizing Committee. He enjoys playing basketball and volleyball, and bakes a mean apple pie.

Winston Chen

Sponsorship Director |

Winston is a fourth year accounting student at Sauder School of Business. Having had an amazing time last year with Sauder Summit as Event Manager, he is super excited to take on a more prominent position this year. He hopes everyone involved in Sauder Summit will enjoy it as much as he did.

Cindy Li

Sponsorship Director |

Cindy is a third-year accounting student at the Sauder School of Business. She had an amazing experience as Sauder Summit’s event manager in her first year, and as international ambassador in her second year. The energetic spirits of the teams continue to inspire her to reach for excellence. In her spare time, she enjoys doing yoga and travelling.

Kaylee Xu

Sponsorship Director |

Kaylee is a third year accounting student in Sauder School of Business. She is very excited to be a member of the Sauder Summit Organizing Committee and cannot wait to make new connections. Outside of the classroom, Kaylee enjoys rock climbing, hiking and trying new Japanese restaurants in Vancouver.

Brian Wang

VP Cases |

Brian is a 4th year Accounting & BTM student studying at the Sauder School of Business.  In his spare time, he enjoys working out, playing basketball and hanging out with friends.  He looks forward to using his experience last year in Sauder Summit to lead a new team of case writers.

John Kim

Case Writer |

John is a third year Business & Computer Science co-op student. As a competitor in various other case competitions, he understands the difficulty and stress that goes on in the case room and with his second time around as a case writer, he hopes to provide a case where competitors are able to showcase their best ideas and utilize all the hard work they’ve put leading up. When not engulfed in cases, John tries to maintain a half-decent social life sprinkled with regular naps.

Michelle Kong

Case Writer |

Michelle is a second year student at Sauder School of Business who intends to specialize in Accounting. She enjoys writing, doing research and performing data analysis. This summer, she went to Kenya with Sauder Social Entrepreneurship team to help local aspiring entrepreneurs in creating business plans and provide constructive recommendations. This overseas experience has trained her in analyzing a wide variety of business cases in the real world. In her spare time, she loves dancing and playing harmonica. She is very excited to build long lasting connections with other members on the Sauder Summit Organizing Committee and meet international competitors!

Shivam Narain

Case Writer |

Shivam is a second year student at Sauder with an intended specialization in Finance and BTM. Having experienced a variety of case-related settings ranging from numerous case competitions to being on JDC West’s Summer Development Program, he understands the challenges that a large-scale case competition poses to competitors. Shivam is excited to write cases for this year’s Sauder Summit and looks forward to seeing the myriad of interpretations that will undoubtedly result from such a diverse pool of competitors.

Colis Cheng

Case Writer |

Colis is a second year student at the Sauder School of Business hoping to specialize in either finance or accounting. Having the opportunity to work as a Sauder Summit Event Manager in the previous year, he is eager to apply his experiences and skills this year as a case writer. He is very excited to work with a dedicated team of case writers and organizers. In his spare time, you can find Colis either training at the UBC track or cramming at the Canaccord Learning Commons.

Ivan Hui

Case Writer |

Ivan is a first year student at the Sauder School of Business who hopes to specialize in finance. His hobbies include basketball, board games and finding new places to eat. To distract himself from work, he can often be found lifting weights in the gym or reading a book at the library. He is ecstatic to make new friends and connections at Sauder Summit!

Sean Park

Case Writer |

Sean is a second-year student at Sauder pursuing a combined major in Business and Computer Science. He hopes to help provide comprehensive cases that can challenge competitors in a meaningful way. He loves hip hop, dance, snowboarding, and ultimate frisbee. Usually found napping in various locations, sleep is his greatest vice. He is super excited to contribute to Sauder Summit and see what competitors have to offer.

Claire Pourbaix

VP Events |

Claire an enthusiastic 4th year student specializing in Accounting at the Sauder School of Business. The past three years working at TransCanada have taught her the value of working with diverse and engaging teams. She is extremely excited to be contributing to Sauder Summit’s OC team for the third time around as the new VP Events and looks forward to meeting all the competitors from around the world.

Colleen Grehan

Events Director |

Colleen is a second-year student at Sauder still figuring out what she wants to specialize in. As she loves planning things to perfection, and meeting new people, Colleen is thrilled to see the hard work come to life during this year’s week long competition. Colleen is extremely excited to be a part of this year’s Sauder Summit Organizing Committee as a Competition Director and looks forward to getting to know the competitors from around the world and show them our beautiful city.

Rebecca Lau

Events Director |

Second year at Sauder, intending to major in Accounting + Real Estate. I love managing events and have been seeking every opportunity to be involved in this area since high school, so super excited to be part of the Summit OC!! I also play in the netball league and bake in my free time 🙂

Shona Taylor

Events Director |

Shona is a second year student at the Sauder School of Business with intended specializations in accounting and operations and logistics. With a keen interest in event planning, she is looking forward to being a part of the Sauder Summit family this year as an Events Director, and helping to make this year’s competition particularly memorable! As a member of the varsity rowing team at UBC, Shona spends the vast majority of her free time sitting in the rain out on the Fraser River!